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Did you know you can keep tabs on your childs' grades?  The Home Access Center is our online gradebook.  If you do not have a username or login, please contact Janelle Howell at




Dear Parent:

Cossatot River High School (CRHS) has implemented a scheduled time for students to receive remediation, enrichment, and tutoring. This time period is called SOAR.

Remediation is mandated for students scoring Basic or borderline in literacy, math, or science.  SOAR will be a time for your child to receive extra help, but the class will also focus on other areas to help your student in his or her academic endeavors.

All students will participate in enrichment activities such as study skills, time management, and other strategies.  We also have one day a week that is dedicated to reading; on most days, your child will also have a short time for homework. English and math tutoring will also be offered during this time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact CRHS at 870-387-4200 or email Leona Martin ( or Suzanne Kesterson ( We look forward to helping your student grow and be successful.

Thank you for your support.



Mrs. Ladonna White 



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